Digital Darkroom software

Digital Darkroom takes an innovative approach to image acquisition and analysis. Intuitive touchscreen operation captures publication-quality images in a few easy steps, and a unique browser-based interface lets you access and analyze your data on any computer, from anywhere. No more software to install and maintain ever!

Image Acquisition

Step 1: Choose Application

Select from a library of optimized protocols or create your own.

FluorChem M protocol library
FluorChem M protocol library

Step 2: Capture Image

One-touch acquisition determines the optimal exposure for each image.

Capturing an image
Chemiluminescent blot image acquisition on FluorChem E

Image Review & Analysis

Overlay images to display multicolor fluorescent blots, view colorimetric and molecular weight markers on Western blots, or stack chemiluminescent exposures taken at multiple time points.

Blot overlay
Multiplex Western blot overlay on FluorChem M

Get answers fast and easy with automated band detection and quantitation across all channels.

Analysis results
Digital Darkroom analysis on FluorChem M

Remote Access

  • Access the Digital Darkroom remote interface using any web browser from a networked computer or mobile WiFi device.
  • Control image acquisition and monitor progress remotely.
  • Review image data saved on the system and download files to your desktop computer.

mobile phone