Simple Western Kit Builder

Design your kit in 5 easy steps

Welcome to the Simple Western™ Kit Builder! We’re replacing Simple Western Master Kits for Wes, Peggy Sue and Sally Sue. Now you’ll get all the components to run size assays in a Separation Module and a Detection Module, and our interactive Kit Builder makes picking the right modules for your assay a breeze! Just follow the steps below to get the part numbers you need to place an order. You’ll also be able to email the info to yourself or others like your lab manager or purchasing agent.

If you want to perform an experiment with chemiluminescence and fluorescence detection on Jess, select the fluorescence experiment and configure the fluorescence modules of your choice. Then click the “build another kit” button, select the chemiluminescence experiment, and configure the chemiluminescence modules of your choice.

1What do you want to build?

  • Separation Module and Detection Module Recommended. You'll get everything you used to get in a master kit.
  • Separation Module Everything you need to separate your proteins: plates, capillaries, Standard Packs, etc.
  • Detection Module Everything you need to detect your protein: secondary antibody, substrate, antibody diluent, etc.

2What system are you using?

  • Jess
  • Abby
  • Wes
  • Peggy Sue/Sally Sue

3Pick your Separation Module

Type of Experiment You Want to Perform

  • Chemiluminescence
  • Fluorescence

Separation Matrix

  • 2-40 kDa
  • 12-230 kDa
  • 66-440 kDa

Number of plates

  • 2 plates
  • 8 plates

Cartridge type

  • 13 capillaries
  • 25 capillaries

4Pick your Detection Module


  • Anti-Rabbit
  • Anti-Mouse
  • Anti-Human
  • Anti-Goat
  • Biotin
  • No Secondary
  • Total Protein
  • Stellar Total Protein


  • Anti-Mouse NIR
  • Anti-Mouse IR
  • Anti-Rabbit NIR
  • Anti-Rabbit IR
  • Anti-Mouse Stellar NIR
  • Anti-Mouse Stellar IR
  • Anti-Rabbit Stellar NIR
  • Anti-Rabbit Stellar IR
  • Protein Normalization

5Here's what you need!

Roll your mouse over the module name to get more info. Click the part number to go to our online store and order.

Touch the part number to go to our online store and order.

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