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Next-Generation Analytical Solutions for Cell & Gene Therapy

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Cell and gene therapies are a promising, rapidly growing area of research, and ProteinSimple is here to help you get safe and effective treatments to the people who need them. From development to manufacturing and QC, our platforms provide automation and scalability for rapid and accurate characterization with low-volume sample analysis to help preserve your precious samples.

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Automated sample handling and processing give you more consistent, high-quality data.

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Our platforms easily fit into your current workflows and adapt to your changing needs. No matter what throughput you need, results will be robust and reproducible whether you're scaling up or scaling out.

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Method Transferability

Seamlessly transfer analytical methods between labs and across phases from discovery to manufacturing with complete confidence in your method performance and regulatory compliance.

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Low Sample Volumes

With minimum sample volumes as low as 3 µL, our platforms can get you the data you need using as little of your precious sample as possible.

Explore the applications below to see how our products can improve and accelerate your cell and gene therapy workflows

Gene Transfer Assessment Vector Characterization Cell Expansion and Characterization Contaminant Screening Response Profiling
Modified or missing gene treatment delivery flow diagrams using cell-based delivery and direct delivery methods


Cell and Gene Therapy Applications

Vector Characterization

Characterize your vectors for cell and gene therapy with ProteinSimple analytical platforms and automated instruments.

Gene Transfer Assessment

ProteinSimple platforms simplify and automate assessing gene transfer efficiency and protein expression in your cell and gene therapy workflows with low sample volumes and cell numbers.

Cell Expansion & Characterization

ProteinSimple platforms offer sensitive and specific assays that spare your precious samples, with the flexibility to determine efficacy, potency and safety throughout your manufacturing process.

Contaminant Screening

Accurately identify and differentiate between potential sources of bioprocess contaminants like polystyrene beads, host cell protein (HCP), and bovine serum albumin (BSA) with ProteinSimple’s automated platforms, to confirm the quality and stability of your therapeutics.

Response Profiling

Get sensitive, accurate, and fast profiling of the safety and efficacy of cell and gene therapies post-treatment with ProteinSimple platforms.

Start Your Cell and Gene Therapy Research with Genome Engineering Services

Start your process of genome engineering with non-viral transgene insertion techniques using TcBuster™ Technology. TcBuster is a gene transfer system provided by R&D Systems that addresses a broad range of therapeutic applications through its next-generation non-viral genetic modification system. Learn more about genome engineering at


Learn how Simple Western™ systems can help you develop and characterize your therapeutic candidates with solutions developed by your peers. Explore multi-attribute, automated solutions for measuring AAV identity and purity, attaining reproducible quantitation of high molecular weight proteins like dystrophin, measuring gene editing efficiency and potency and more at Cell & Gene Therapy Western Blotting Solutions.

Taking your Research to the Clinic

Move your cell therapy research toward the clinic with the industry-leading quality and selection of R&D Systems® reagents and assays. Let our proven track record of qualifying our research-use reagents to meet GMP standards and in automating our immunoassays on high-throughput instruments get you on the best path forward to innovative strategies in immunotherapy or regenerative medicine. To view our complete solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy including all GMP-grade reagents and analytical instrumentation, visit Clinical Solutions.