eBook: Applications in Bioprocessing

Improve your bioprocess workflow

Analytical solutions for upstream and downstream processing of biopharmaceuticals

As the pace of biotherapeutic approvals increases, so does the pressure on makers of new biologics to complete their upstream and downstream development processes faster and more efficiently. Download our new bioprocessing eBook and learn how our team’s got you covered – there’s a solution for you at every step of the process from early development to QC. They take protein analysis issues off your plate so you can focus on the main goal – getting your biotherapeutic to market faster.

Topics covered:

Clone Selection:

  • Pick the right clone faster
  • Simplify charge characterization in complex cultures
  • Easy verification of clone monoclonality
  • Antibody certification for Simple Western

Cell Culture Development:

  • Ramp up cell culture growth condition optimization
  • Analyze culture condition impact on charge variants in complex lysates
  • Faster checks for protein purity and yield
  • GMP-grade media components—proteins, small molecules, and media

In-Process Characterization:

  • Antigen specificity and anti-idiotype antibodies
  • Fc receptor reagents
  • Cell-based bioassays
  • Enzymatic assays
  • Bioprocessing enzymes
  • Custom reagents & services


  • Optimize your formulation faster
  • No-prep, high-throughput analysis for high salt and low concentrations
  • Multiple molecules, one method
  • Detect aggregation earlier
  • Classify every particle, even translucent aggregates
  • Predicting the future with stress tests

Final Product Characterization:

  • Cover your CQAs with high-throughput, high-resolution analysis
  • Tackle difficult proteins
  • Maurice Empower control kit
  • User-proof, site-proof data
  • A faster, simpler CE-SDS technique for product identity
  • High-throughput vaccine serotype identification
  • Characterize more particles in injectable products
  • Quantitate cell activation beads in CAR-T products
  • Better information on process residuals
  • Fully automated host cell protein measurements
  • Analytical testing services