FluorChem E, M and R accessories

System Accessories

Part # Description
041-432 Epi Fluorescence and Chemiluminescence Imaging Screen, Black
(FluorChem M only)
041-403 Chemiluminescence Imaging Screen, Black
041-402 UV Gel Imaging Screen, Clear
041-401 White Light Conversion Screen, White
041-435 Blue Light Conversion Screen, Blue
(FluorChem E only)
91-15116-00 Screen Holder
020-413 Imaging Test Target
85-14195-00 Magnetic Stylus

System Emission Filters

FluorChem E

Part # Description
SYPRO-500 Red Filter (620/40 nm)
For stains and dyes like SYPRO Red, SYPRO Ruby or Deep Purple.
EBR-500K Orange Filter (590/50 nm)
For stains and dyes like Ethidium Bromide, Coomassie Blue or SYPRO Orange.
91-13840-00 Green Filter (537/35 nm)
For stains and dyes like SYBR Green, SYBR Gold or SYBR Safe.
HB-500 Blue Filter (460/40 nm)
For Hoeschst Blue, DAPI, ANS or Methylcoumarin.


Part # Description
041-174 Compact Color USB Printer
Prints on 4" x 6" photo paper. Includes 5 sheets of paper and USB cable.
12-15085-00 Color Ink and 4” x 6” Photo Paper set.
Includes ink cartridges and 108 sheets of paper.
91-12999-00 Thermal Printer
Digital thermal grayscale USB printer. Includes USB cable, custom driver and one roll of thermal paper.
P-150H Thermal Paper, High Contrast
Good image quality, pack of 4 rolls.
P-200H Thermal Paper, High Gloss and High Contrast
Superior image quality, pack of 5 rolls.

Spare Parts

Part # Description
75-14084-00 302 nm UV Replacement Bulb
75-14083-00 365 nm UV Replacement Bulb
011-766 Fuse, 250 V, 6.3 A