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ALL FLUORCHEM INSTRUMENTS ARE DISCONTINUED AS OF OCT 15TH, 2021. ProteinSimple will continue servicing these products through Oct 15th, 2026.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ProteinSimple Technical Support at Toll-Free: (888) 607-9692 option 3 or support@proteinsimple.com.

FluorChem Western Blot Imaging Systems


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About FluorChem Imagers

Your search for the perfect imaging system ends here.

Meet the trusted FluorChem western blot imaging systems used in tens of thousands of labs worldwide.

FluorChem digital imaging systems are a high-performance, easy-to-use, all-in-one platform for all your DNA and protein gel applications.

Whether you're imaging chemiluminescence, multiplex fluorescence, colorimetric, infrared fluorescence, ultraviolet (UV) and blue excited DNA dyes, or even colony counting, FluorChem systems have all your application bases covered.

All without the time, costs, and complications of film.

FluorChem’s systems feature a scientific grade, high resolution, high sensitivity, super cooled CCD camera to give you the sensitivity you need for chemiluminescent imaging.

With a built-in computer and software and a touchscreen interface, they make imaging gels and blots super simple with fully automated optics and OneTouch image capture all in a compact, bench saving footprint.

Fluorescent Multiplexing and Protein Detection

Fluorescent multiplexing allows you to easily detect multiple proteins and phosphorylated in unphosphorylated isoforms in a single block while eliminating the need to strip and reprobe getting you better, more accurate data in the process.

With the FluorChem M, you get three channel red, green, and blue fluorescent multiplexing in addition to chemiluminescent imaging.

With infrared excitation and detection, the FluorChem R system gives you four channel multiplexing with reduced background autofluorescence in the infrared channel.

With easy-to-use software, taking high quality images is a breeze.

Digital Imaging With FluorChem Imagers

With imaging speeds that blow film away, you don't have to worry about under or over exposure of your gels and blots.

Keep the sensitivity you get with film without the dynamic range trade-off.

You can detect a wide range of protein concentrations on the same blot.

Simply load your sample, choose a protocol, and hit expose.

Load less protein, use smaller amounts of your precious antibodies, and never miss a faint band again.

Image analysis doesn't have to be complicated.

Digital darkroom software lets you quickly analyze images on the spot, and you can even access and control the FluorChem imager remotely from your phone tablet or PC.

When you want to dive deeper into your quantitative analysis, AlphaView software lets you do just that.

Experiment based analysis protocols and a full set of annotation tools let you generate publication ready results and images in no time.

To find a FluorChem system that fits your budget and applications, please contact the ProteinSimple Team.

Learn more about FluorChem by ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand, by visiting the FluorChem Imager instrument page.