Are you tired of complicated image acquisition and analysis workflows?

Still struggling with multiple exposures using film? Or have you gone digital, but have a system that’s complicated to use? Do you just want to produce publication-ready figures on the spot? FluorChem imagers simplify your workflow by automatically calculating the optimum exposure settings at just the touch of a button.

Digital Darkroom software, the brains of FluorChem™ imagers, is a built-in intuitive approach to generating high-quality images and data. With pre-programmed protocols optimized for the perfect image every time, all you have to do is load your blot or gel, choose your protocol, press Expose and walk away! The easy-to-use interface and remote monitoring capability is designed for researchers of all experience levels.

Simplify More

checkLoad your blot or gel
checkChoose a protocol
checkPress "expose"

How can FluorChem imagers help you?

With one-touch acquisition, FluorChem imagers make it fast and easy to detect your bands and generate data on the spot. They come equipped with built-in Digital Darkroom software, meaning no more software installations and continuous updates on various computers around the lab–everything happens in one place! What’s more, you can even access Digital Darkroom and your data from any computer, tablet or phone at any time, without needing to install software or apps.

In this datasheet, you’ll learn more about how running Digital Darkroom simplifies imaging and analysis.

Want to learn more about FluorChem Imagers?

Watch this video and see how FluorChem imagers make gel and Western blot imaging a breeze. Simply load your sample, choose your protocol, hit Expose and get perfect, high-quality images.

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