Do you need a flexible platform that can detect proteins close in molecular weight?

Are you investigating multiple isoforms of the same protein? Do you need to detect total and phosphorylated target proteins? Do you struggle with proteins that just migrate at similar molecular weights? Why are you still wasting time and sample either stripping between probes or running multiple gels for simultaneous detection? Eureka! – FluorChem imagers detect and analyze these overlapping targets on the same blot!

FluorChem™ imagers with fluorescent detection provide you with greater multiplexing flexibility and accuracy. Stop being frustrated by fading chemiluminescent signals, and start saving time and precious sample by capturing co-migrating proteins at the same time, in the same image, every time.

Multiplex More

checkUse less sample
checkGenerate more data points
checkSave time

How can you leverage protein detection and multiplexing using FluorChem imagers?

Digital imaging provides a dynamic range and linearity that is largely superior to film, providing you with better band clarity and proportional quantitative accuracy. Exposure times are automatically optimized to detect faint bands without oversaturating brighter ones in a single exposure, unlike film. FluorChem imagers equipped with fluorescent detection allow you to resolve overlapping proteins and are a complete solution to multiplexing problems encountered during the traditional Western blotting approach.

Looking to detect up to three proteins at once? Read our application note to learn how FluorChem imagers provide you with the sensitivity and linear range you need for efficient and accurate multiplexing.

Read our application note to learn how you can use fluorescent imaging technology and FluorChem imagers to analyze and detect co-migrating proteins on the same blot.

Want to learn more about FluorChem?

Watch this video and see how FluorChem imagers make gel and Western blot imaging a breeze. Simply load your sample, choose your protocol, hit expose and get perfect, high-quality images.