MFI Bot1 Autosampler accessories

The Bot1 Autosampler integrates directly with the MFI 5100 and 5200 Series instruments. Bot1 Autosampler Accessories are all SBS-standard and designed for automated liquid handling and pipetting functions.

Part # Description
P-0000016-00SBS Tip Rack Holder
Stainless Steel (Qty 1)
P-0000015-00Bot 1 Stand (includes 4 legs/braces)
Stainless Steel (Qty 1). Attaches Bot1 Autosampler to MFI 5000 Series instrument.
P-0000007-00Waste Bin (1 Container + 15 Divider Insert)
Plastic with Stainless Steel (Qty 1)
P-0000008-00Sample Inlet Port
Plastic (Qty 5)
P-0000017-00Reusable Pipette Tip Holder
Aluminum (Qty 1)