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Application Briefs

Fluorchem R Imaging System for Far-Red and Near-Infrared Western Blot Detection and Analysis - Technical Note   

Application Notes

Versatile and Simple Imaging of Proteome Profiler Antibody Arrays with FluorChem Imagers   
Total Protein Normalization with FluorChem Imagers   
Application Note: Identification of Co-migrating Proteins on the FluorChem M System   
Application Note 105: Chemiluminescent Western Blot Detection using the FluorChem HD2 Imaging System   
Application Note 106: Multiplex Western Blotting Using Quantum Dot Technology   
Application Note 117: The FluorChem Q and ECL Plex: Sensitive and Quantitative Imaging of Multicolor Fluorescent Westerns   
Application Note 118: Quantitative Analysis of 3-Color Fluorescent Western Blots with the FluorChem Q   
Application Note 119: The FluorChem Q and Pierce DyLight-labeled Antibodies: Multiplex Imaging of Fluorescent Western Blot   
Application Note 120: The FluorChem Q and Alexa Fluor Labeled Antibodies: Multiplex Imaging of Fluorescent Western Blots   
Application Note 121: The FluorChem Q: Sensitive and Rapid 1-D Gel Imaging   
Application Note 122: Imaging Chemiluminescent Western Blots With the FluorChem Q Provides Superior Quantitative Capacity Relative to Film   
Application Note 123: SpectraPlex Western Blot Kit and the FluorChem Q Provide a Complete Solution for Multicolor Fluorescent Western Blotting   

Brochures and Datasheets

FluorChem Family Brochure   
FluorChem R Datasheet   
Digital Darkroom Analysis Datasheet   
FluorChem FC3 Datasheet   
FluorChem M Datasheet   
FluorChem HD2 Datasheet   
FluorChem E Datasheet   


Stem Cell Analysis: Advances in Western Blotting Technologies    
Advances in Neuroscience: Win the Race to Discovery with Automated Instruments for Neuroscience Research   

From Your Peers

FluorChem Q Imager Sees More in the Immunoblots at Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute   


Simple Western and Single-Cell Westerns are Proven, High-Impact Technologies - Publication Spotlight   

Technical Notes

Fluorchem R Imaging System for Far-Red and Near-Infrared Western Blot Detection and Analysis - Technical Note   
A Guide to Western Blot Detection: Chemiluminescence Versus Fluorescence   
A Guide to CCD Camera Parameters: Applications for Gel and Membrane Imaging   

User Guides

User Guide for FluorChem R, M and E Systems   
FluorChem FC2 HD2 User Guide   
FluorChem FC3 User Guide