ProteinSimple Unveils the New Single Analyte Cartridge for Simple Plex

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Santa Clara, California, January 29th 2016 — ProteinSimple announced today an expansion of the Simple Plex™ immunoassay offering by launching a new single analyte cartridge for the analysis of 72 samples at once. This new cartridge enables Simple Plex users to run 72 samples in an hour with triplicate results. It is powered by R&D Systems® reagents, the expert in immunoassays.

Simple Plex cartridge-based immunoassays have the same specificity of a single-plex ELISA, only with sub-picogram/ml detection limits, and highly sensitive results at lower sample volumes. Moreover, Simple Plex offers better precision and greater dynamic range at 4-5 logs than traditional ELISAs. While the 16x4 Simple Plex cartridge established the utility of the technology for multi-analyte immunoassay, single-plex users still looked for a high sensitivity ELISA. The new 72x1 cartridge answers that need.

The Simple Plex cartridge format completely eliminates the manual washes which lead to poor data quality and inconsistent results associated with standard plate-based ELISAs. In addition, it reduces assay completion time from 8 hours to 1 hour. By using the Simple Plex cartridge on the Ella™ instrument, you have the convenience of a fully automated immunoassay. Operation is rapid, requiring only a few minutes to pipette 25 microliters of sample into the cartridge, followed by a quick barcode scan of the cartridge to start the run, and fully analyzed data in an hour. ProteinSimple's sister brand R&D Systems' extensive assay expertise is leveraged with an existing menu of 138 assay targets for Ella and many more in development.

"The Simple Plex platform now answers the need for a single analyte or multi-analyte ELISA with a microfluidics format that is highly sensitive and effortless to run," commented Chuck Kummeth, CEO of Bio-Techne. "We are excited to deliver this new single analyte cartridge to expand the application of the Simple Plex product line."

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CONTACT: Brian Quast, Director of Marketing for ProteinSimple