Looking for Alpha Innotech? Looking for Cell Biosciences? We’re now ProteinSimple

High quality Western blot and gel imaging systems

ProteinSimple (formerly Alpha Innotech and Cell Biosciences) has been developing and innovating Western blot and gel imaging systems for over 20 years. Our in-house imaging team has an expert understanding of the gel-, plate- and membrane-based biological assays for which imaging products are used.

Our AlphaImager gel documentation and FluorChem Western blot imaging systems continue to set the standard for high-performance, high-quality imaging. From traditional gel documentation systems with UV fluorescence and colorimetric applications to imagers with multi-mode capabilities such as UV fluorescence, white light, chemiluminescence, visible fluorescence, and infrared fluorescence imaging, in our all-in-one compact systems or our modular systems, we can help you pick the perfect imaging system to satisfy everyone in your lab.

Looking to upgrade or trade-in an older Alpha Innotech or Cell Biosciences system? Contact us and we can help you with options.